Just like with other problems, it is useful to keep taking care of yourself after an eating disorder. You have already proven your strength several times over. Yet, you still need to pay attention and recognize signals early on. For example, having an eating disorder is linked to increased chances of experiencing other issues. By creating a healthy environment for yourself, you can also affect these other problems.

Eating disorder: how do I continue my development?

Many people are treated for an eating disorder in a hospital. It can also be so that you have just had little help. In short there are many different types of treatment, which could have helped you when you experienced an eating disorder. Stress can unfortunately have a negative influence on your development. It is namely not always easy to stop treatment or to suddenly end up in a different environment. If this is the case for you it is useful to pay attention to certain symptoms. Certain thoughts, which can lie at the cause of an eating disorder, can namely get worse as stress progresses.

You are worth it!

If you experience difficulty with stress or eventual ending of treatment: then do not wait too long! You can, first of all, take the free stress test, which can tell you if  your level of stress is healthy or not. You can also sign up for our online program, which guides you on a daily basis! It is useful to recognize certain symptoms early on. The longer you namely wait, the more time they will require to treat or to deal with. It is also good to not only focus on the symptoms of an eating disorder: you can also check if you might be suffering from other transitional symptoms. Here, too, the free stress test can help you. This test has the goal of measuring stress, depression, and anxiety.