The winter season is usually characterized by fatigue. More and more people seem to be sleeping poorly, exhausted, etc. Many of them, in an attempt to deal with fatigue, start looking for causes. Just as fatigue can manifest itself differently in everyone, there are also a range of different causes of fatigue. What we often see, however, is that more people feel tired in the winter than in the summer. Why is this?

Fatigue? The causes!

There are several reasons why people can feel tired. One of them has to do with our biorhythm and daily rhythm. After all, in the winter, the light is shorter, so our brain can tell that it's bedtime earlier. Yet it is a bit early to go to bed at 5 p.m. already. So despite the fact that we sleep enough, our brain may give more signals of fatigue.

However, this is not the only reason. Often daily habits influence our biorhythms so that, despite seeming to need more sleep, we sleep worse. Many of us sit in front of the TV until late at night and have done little physical activity that day. This can cause our brains to stay alert and struggle to come to rest. This can cause you to sleep worse, as well as less deep sleep. Since deep sleep and REM sleep are responsible for feeling fresh when you get up, you are more likely to get up tired.

In the long run, these factors can have a major impact on our sleep rhythm, causing our sleep quality and sleep quantity to deteriorate.

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