Fatigue seems to be more common during winter than it is during summer. This partially has to do with the amount of light which we receive per day. During summer, days are much longer, which makes us want to stay awake for a longer period of time. Despite this amount of light, we can still keep a steady biorhythm, and generally get enough sleep. During winter, keeping our biorhythm steady is more difficult. It is dark outside already at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, often causing us to lose our sense of time. Should we go to bed already, because it is dark outside? But that is not possible, it is still way too early. This can lead to staying up late and making it difficult to keep our biorhythm on track. Winter fatigue is then at play.

Winter fatigue? Symptoms of winter fatigue?

The symptoms of winter fatigue are no different from those of a normal fatigue. You cannot sleep, are very stressed, and after a while start to suffer from malfunction of certain cognitive functions such as memory and focus. In winter fatigue, we often talk about a bio-component. This means that it becomes more difficult to follow your biorhythm, leading to your sleeping pattern becoming easily deregulated. Just like with normal fatigue, winter fatigue is affected by stress. It often happens that you lie in bed worrying or thinking about that which you have got to do during the next day. What also often happens is that you get the feeling that you have done a lot, yet that you still have a lot of work with which you can not possibly keep up. This often leads to overworking, just to keep up with the amount of work which you have to do.

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