How to break anxiety and fear of anxiety in 3 steps and 5 phases?

  • Step 1: Gaining insight into the biological mechanism of fear of anxiety
  • Step 2: Learn to observe the distinction in yourself between your moments healthy fear, unhealthy unreal fear and fear of the fear
  • Step 3: Set aside fifteen minutes daily to work on yourself to learn to break through both your fear and your fear of the fear
    • Stage 0: Prepare choose a good self-test that you will take every 7 days to objectively track your progress.
    • Phase 1: Learn to desire your basic fear level by learning to think solution-focused using solution-focused insights and answering solution-focused questions
    • Phase 2: Learn one new specific fear-busting technique each week and practice at least fifteen minutes daily each time something triggers you that threatens to bring up your fear or anxiety.
    • Phase 3: Regularly alternate between the different breakthrough techniques you already practiced so your brain doesn't fall into a new rigid pattern of replacing your anxiety with an addiction to one particular approach or technique.
    • Phase 4: After your anxiety scores return to normal continue practicing for about thirty days until breaking through and your fear of anxiety begins to become a new unconscious automatic habit, as well as your solution-focused way of thinking and feeling.
    • Phase 5: Relapse prevention you can either start immediately after you have been feeling either free of fear for several weeks, or very smoothly manage to break through emerging fear. You may also choose to continue practicing deepening your solution-focused habit formation for a few weeks first.

If you prefer this process guided and supported, first fill out the self-test and then subscribe to the daily online self-help program '' that will take you by the hand every day so that within a few weeks you will already feel better, as quickly as possible, with the least possible effort.

Dr Paul Koeck