Many people suffer from headaches. Causes are, however, often different for different people. Therefore it is often difficult to recognize the causes of headache and to know what it is exactly that causes the headache. Headache can be caused by something that is not working well physically, but mentally as well. What is meant by mentally? We mean, for example, stress. Stress can give you a headache and make your neck tense up. To learn more about the causes of headache, you are in the right place here. We sum up the causes of headache and will also help you to continue you search to a treatment for your headache.

Causes of headache: the causes of headache

As mentioned in the introduction, headache can have different causes. These causes can be both physical and mental. We will start with the physical causes of headache. It can be so that you are ill, which causes the headache. When you are ill, the body is fighting a bacterium, and it feels warmer. Because your body puts energy into this, you might experience a headache. An example is the flu. Some people with the flu can have serious headaches. Furthermore, it can be so that your brain gets too little oxygen. This can be because the blood flow in you brain is not as good as it should be. An example of this is migraine. If you have migraine, there is a problem with the blood flow in your brain. This makes it so that your brain does not get the amount of oxygen which it needs, which in turn causes headache Except for physical symptoms, there also are mental symptoms which can be causes of headache. For example, you might have an anxiety disorder, but even when you are just anxious, you breathe in a more shallow way, which can lead to headache. Your brain does not get enough oxygen, which can lead to dizziness, fainting, or - if you are susceptible to it - headache. Stress is also a main cause of headache. Did you know that 60% of people with migraine also have tension headaches? Tension headaches are headaches which are caused because of muscular tension in the neck or somewhere else. These tension headaches are most often caused by stress. Do you ever notice that you grasp your neck because it feels stiff when you are stressed?

Causes of headache: treatment of headache

If you want to treat your headache, you can do so with the help of the online self-help program of ''. This program will help you to deal with stress, depression, or anxiety to in that way reduce of get rid of your headache. It can also be useful for physical causes of headache. These often cause stress, or stress can worsen the headache. If you take care of multiple factors at once, it might be so that your headache disappears more quickly.

Causes of headache: do the stress test

Do you not really know to what extent stress might influence your headache? Then you can always do the free stress test to see how you can treat your headache by dealing with your stress!