Everybody feels tired sometimes, after a long day or a hard week, but what if you feel like you are not rested for a long period of time? It goes from bad to worse, and after a while you are overcome with a fatigued feeling. You do not know what to do to deal with this feeling of fatigue. Even your daily activities are beginning to be affected. In this article we describe the symptoms of fatigue and what you can do about it. Furthermore, we give an insight into what can be caused by fatigue.

Fatigue symptoms: signs of a feeling of fatigue

The feeling of fatigue or the symptoms of fatigue often begin with a bad night's sleep. If you have been under pressure during a certain period, this night often turns into a week. You think you will be able to relax during the weekend, meaning it will not be so bad. But that weekend you lie awake because you do not know how to deal with your responsibilities, meaning you still do not get the sleep you need. After a while you will have a sleep deficit, which will be shown in the other activities you have to do. Your focus lessens, you get frustrated more easily, often respond in an irritated manner, forget important things,.... Fatigue often starts with stress. You are under pressure during a long period of time and have a hard time getting rid of this stress. You will also notice that you worry a lot during your time off, about how to get everything done. In short: you are in a constant state of stress. This stress in turn will cause you to sleep badly or sleep more lightly. This is bad news, because the deep stages of sleep are the ones that make sure that you wake up feeling rested.

Fatigue symptoms: treatment of fatigue

To deal with your feeling of fatigue, you can work on the underlying stress. It namely is so that, if your stress reduces and you can relax, you will be able to sleep better, reducing the feeling of fatigue. This way, the fatigue symptoms will decrease through working on your stress. '15Minutes4Me.com' developed an online self-help program which guides you in dealing with stress. You will learn how to handle stress so that you have a smaller chance on becoming stressed, but it also teaches you how to deal with stress in the future, when you feel that stress is coming on. This way, the chance that you become fatigued again, and that you experience symptoms of fatigue, becomes much smaller.

Fatigue symptoms: do the stress test

To know to what extent stress might influence your fatigue, you can fill out the free stress test. This test will tell you what your stress level is!