Do you sometimes feel tired? Do you feel like the tiredness just will not pass? That you cannot even relax during your spare time? Fatigue often adds up until you, in some cases, get a burnout. This article sums up fatigue symptoms and will also tell you about possible treatment and how you can deal with your fatigue.

Fatigue symptoms: symptoms of fatigue

If you are fatigued, your fatigue tends to start with a period in which you are under a lot of pressure or are very stressed. This stress will in turn make it so that you find it difficult to fall asleep. Stress namely makes it so that we cannot find peace mentally nor physically because of excretion of a stress hormone. You start to worry and cannot get your thoughts to stop. This is the start of fatigue. You sleep poorly, so you find it more difficult to keep your focus on something and respond in a snappy way when someone asks you something. It can sometimes even be so that you start to experience issues with your memory and that you experience crying fits. Fatigue is a type of vicious cycle which is difficult to get out of. It namely is so that the fatigue symptoms in turn make it so that you experience stress, which will make it so that it is difficult for you to sleep at night. After a while, you will then notice that you cannot even stop your spinning thoughts during your spare time and that you cannot even get extra sleep during the weekend, or whenever it is that you have extra time. Fatigue can have different causes. It can be so that stress makes it so that your sleeping rhythm is disturbed, which you will notice because daily tasks become increasingly difficult to complete. Your job will take more time, for example,or you feel exhausted more quickly because you did not have any strength to begin with. Anxiety can also sometimes be the cause of fatigue. Anxiety namely demands a lot from your body and makes it so that you also feel mentally exhausted. On top of this, chances remain big that you keep worrying about your anxiety when you are in bed, causing you to lie away or not be able to sleep deeply.

Fatigue symptoms: treatment of fatigue symptoms

You can best treat your fatigue by dealing with the underlying cause of your fatigue symptoms. In many cases, this is stress and sometimes anxiety. If you work on your stress and anxiety and it reduces, you can also reduce your fatigue. 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which guides you in reducing stress and anxiety. It will help you to find your sleeping rhythm and teach you to handle stress and anxiety in a different way, so that these also reduce.

Fatigue symptoms: take the stress test!

If you want to know to what extent stress can influence your sleeping pattern, or if stress makes it so that you might become fatigued, you can take the free stress test here!