Everyone suffers from headache sometimes. This can have different causes, but often is no reason for worry. Yet, if it occurs more and more often, it is best to find out what causes it. Just like dizziness or stress, it can have many different causes. It can be so that it is something physical, but it can also be so that you have so much stress, or even depression, in your life, that it causes headache. In this article we will list the possible causes.

Causes of headache: physical

It can be so that headache is caused by a temporary illness. For example, the flu can be the cause for you heaving a lot of headache during a certain period. But it could also be so that a brain injury causes long-term headache. Even the usage of certain medication can cause headache. Certain substances which are in the medication, can cause a headache. Fatigue, too, is a physical cause of headache. It often can be so that fatigue causes migraine. People with migraine often get a list in which they need to write down when they exactly get a migraine, and they can think that to certain causes. Fatigue is one of the most well-known causes of migraine.

Causes of headache: psychological

Psychological causes, too, can be the reason for a headache. For example, stress can make it so that we perform poorly, which means that we put more effort into our work in order to keep up our level of work. After a while, you become exhausted and get a headache. Worrying, too, can be a cause of headache. You tire out your brain to such an extent that you end up developing a headache. This often happens in depression and stress and sometimes in anxiety, because your anxiety also gets you to worry.

How can you treat your headache?

The best first step to take is to go to a doctor, to check what the cause is. If the cause is physical, it is best to talk to your doctor about what you can do and if you should look up a specialist. If the cause is psychological, our online self-help program is a good way to support treating the causes. It namely gives you exercises which you can do to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as personal tips on how to let go of worrying.

Test your stress, depression, and anxiety!

Because these psychological disorders can be the cause of headache, you can fill out the free online stress test here. This test will tell you to what extent you experience stress, depression, and anxiety within 5 minutes.