Dear company director, personnel director, workplace physician, prevention advisor, or employer,

The online self-help program '' now exists even for your company and your employees!

You can choose between the following 2 formulas:

1° Simple burnout management

Your employee anonymously and through their own initiative follows the self-help program and pays the guidance in advance. After following at least 80% of the daily fifteen minute sessions, your employee will receive proof of complete participation. Then there are two choices available:

  1. You choose to reward your employee for their dedication by reimbursing the invested participation price of €55 per month.
  2. You choose not to provide a financial incentive for your employee.

2° Burnout guidance suitable for your company

You contact us to, together with you, construct a custom program for your company.

  1. Prevention program prevents stress & burnout
  2. Guidance program for employees with burnout
  3. Re-integration guidance to properly re-state your employee in your company with the help of relapse prevention in the integration process.

Would you like to learn about the program yourself, first? Then take our free self-test sometime!

Paul Koeck, MD