If you get diagnosed with a depression, it is important that you treat your depression as quickly as possible. The symptoms of a depression namely increase when you wait with treatment and the chances of getting another depression increase, too. If you do not treat your depression or let it go on for too long, your mind has to deal with some sort of mental scar, which increases your chances of developing a depression in the future once again. To help you in your search for a way of handling depression, we sum up the different options in treatment which you have in this article, and we also give you the opportunity to test your depression at the end of the article.

Handling depression? How do I handle depression?

Handling depression? I am going to a psychiatrist.

To treat a depression you can go to a psychiatrist. He has the option to give you antidepressants. This medication will help you with handling depression by reducing your symptoms and the feelings you get from these. You might feel a little 'numb'. This gives your body and mind the chance to reduce the depression symptoms and thereby reduce your depression. This approach works best for major depressions and genetic types of depression.

Handling depression? I am going to a psychologist.

Handling depression at the hand of therapy is a type of treatment which is very effective. At the hand of therapy with a psychologist or psychotherapist you can reduce your depression symptoms, by challenging your thoughts and looking for the cause of depression together with your healthcare provider.

Handling depression? I follow an online self-help program

Handling depression can also be done with the hep of an online self-help program. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program, which helps you in handling depression at the hand of therapeutic techniques. This way you can work on yourself and your depression for fifteen minutes every day.

Handling depression? Take the online depression test!

Would you like to know to what extent you experience depression symptoms and how these influence your daily life? Then take the free online depression test here!