Work stress and work pressure are terms which are commonly used in the same way. They nearly seem to be used as synonyms. But are the actually the same thing? Here, we can make it short, and answer with a definite "no". The concepts are used in the same way, yet they mean different things. This article will give an overview of the difference between work stress and work pressure.

What is work pressure?

Work pressure is the pressure which you experience at work. With pressure we mean that you must finish a certain amount of tasks within a certain timeframe. Work pressure thus is when you experience pressure, because you have to properly finish a certain amount of tasks by a specific time. You thus are under pressure to keep to a certain deadline. You also experience pressure because the tasks which you finish have to be done correctly. You cannot just deliver anything, it must be entirely as your client/your boss expects it to be. This can put quite some pressure on you. Especially now with the economic crisis, when employees are sparse. Sometimes, people namely need to do work for two.

What is work stress?

You now know what work pressure entails, but how does it differ to stress? Work stress namely is the reaction which you have to this pressure. it can namely be so that you will perform better when you experience pressure, for example. Other people, on the other hand, might feel very pressured and become stressed because of this. It thus is the reaction which you have to work pressure. Work pressure does not necessarily have to go together with stress. As mentioned earlier, work pressure can also have advantages.

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