Job Dissatisfaction ? Causes Burnout

Several working women are unhappy and stressed out with their jobs. This type of stress affects them often. They feel burned out. They suffer from anxiety and depression. Work burnout is job stress. Burnout, which is a common reaction to job stress, reduces the effectiveness and  motivation. When the act of balancing personal and professional life becomes stressful, work burnout occurs. This involves being physically and mentally drained. The burned out woman doubts her capabilities. To overcome burnout stress, several women take to eating food for comfort.

What are the reasons for Job Burnout ?

When work rules life, it leads to chronic stress. This is followed by emotional outbursts. Several reasons cause work burnout. Work overload causes stress. Tight schedules cause burnout. Not understanding the job makes a woman feel inadequate and stressed. Ragging in offices leads to inefficiency. A mismatch between skill sets and work causes burnout. Ultimately, this causes grief and impassiveness. Burnout results in uncontrolled eating, i.e., a feeling that they are always hungry or they can not stop eating until all the food has vanished.


More symptoms of work burnout leading to stress

  • Eating disorders
  • Distrust
  • Irritability
  • Lack of energy
  • Disappointment
  • Headache
  • Backache


Study to relate work burnout and stress eating

Nina Nevanpera of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health led a stress study early this year. 230 employed Finnish women between the ages of 30 and 55 took part in the clinical experiment. Through a survey, the following facts came to light:

  • 22% had some degree of job burnout

This group took to binge eating when strained

  • Those happy at work did not take to comfort eating


Conclusion of burnout-eating study

It was thus determined that eating was a pleasure to overcome unhappy job situations. Emotional and uncontrolled eating could cause obesity among women. This trend could be unhealthy, especially with stuff like chocolate or fast food. Whether you are overweight or not, stress eating is not good. Try to overcome job burnout. Be happy at home and happy at office and reduce stress.

Control work burnout

It is common to feel hungry when the demand on your time is high. Low energy levels could make you feel like a misfit at work. If you take to eating when anxious or sad, you could be suffering from job burnout. Eating when not hungry or always feeling hungry? This too is a sign of job burnout.

Yet, if you pay attention to the warning signs, you can overcome burnout. Adopt exercise, good sleep and a positive attitude. Don’t give way to a nibble assault. Keep the biscuits and chocolates at bay.  You will surely win the battle against work burnout.