There are different types of anxiety disorders which entail different causes of anxiety. Some people are, for example, afraid of being in small spaces, while other people dislike being in large spaces with many people. Some people find it scary to go outside of their homes, while others are anxious about something whcih is at home, or do not feel safe at home. There are many different types of anxiety disorders, yet it is so that people with anxiety disorders generally experience anxiety in the same way. Even though the source of anxiety might differ, people with anxiety disorders do show similar symptoms of anxiety. This article describes the symptoms of an anxiety disorder and also gives possible treatment options for different types of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorders: symptoms of anxiety disorders

As mentioned before, ,the source of the anxiety might differ, but the reaction is generally the same to a large extent. If you come into contact or even think you might experience anxiety, there is a chance that you experience anxiety. The reaction which follows is generally the same in everyone andin all types of anxiety disorders. You start sweating without any physical excertion, your breathing becomes more shallow, you start getting dizzy, you shiver over your entire body, .... Sometimes you might even faint because your brain receives too little oxygen. During this anxiety attack you experience psychological symptoms, too. You no longer have any sense of reality, and have the feeling that you have lost control over your body and rather are some sort of bystander who looks at your body and what is happening to it. Except for anxiety, you might also experience fear of fear in anxiety disorders. The things which you experience during and anxiety attack in themselves also cause anxiety, so that you become fearful of having to experience these symptoms once again. This is a type of vicious cycle, because this fear of fear in itself might cause the symptoms of anxiety to be invoked.

Anxiety disorders: treatment of anxiety disorders

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Anxiety disorders: take the anxiety test

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