The pregnancy can be a very stressfull time. A lot changes in your body, which is not always easy to deal with. You gain a lot of weight, your stomach becomes heavy, you start to eat more and more. It can also be so that the partner relationship sometimes becomes a bit more difficult. There namely is a lot that needs to be taken care of during the pregnancy, and this can make it so that there are fights sometimes. The mood swings during pregnancy are not always easy to deal with, either, during these fights. How can I make it so that I experience less stress during my pregnancy, or what helps me to deal with stress during my pregnancy? Read more here about the way to handle stress during a pregnancy.

Stress during pregnancy? The symptoms of stress

Stress during pregnancy is not much different from stress in general. Women who are pregnant will also notice that their heart starts to beat fast, muscles will tense up, and that they find it difficult to relax. Their sleeping pattern, too, is likely to be disrupted. Because they lie and worry, they do not fall asleep so easily anymore and they thus often have to start their day while being tired. Stress during the pregnancy is not really good for the baby itself. If you get less sleep, your body is weakened, and stress can also make it so that you fall ill more easily or that you have other complaints. It is therefore useful to eliminate as many stressors as possible during the pregnancy.

Stress during pregnancy? The treatment

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which can help women to reduce stress during their pregnancy. It helps to discover the mechanisms behind stress, and what helps you personally to experience less stress.

Stress during pregnancy? Take the stress test!

Do you want to know to what extent you experience stress during pregnancy? Then take the free online stress test here!