Everyone knows about stress and has suffered from stress. Stress is not always unhealthy. It can also help us to become more productive or effective. Unfortunately, stress does not influence everyone in such a positive way. We suffer from headaches issues focusing, we no longer sleep well,... In short, stress is no fun! But what if stress is present for extended periods of time and dominates our lives? Can it have severe consequences? This article describes what the possibilities are that stress gets worse and turns into a depression.

What is the link between stress and depression?

Stress has many different symptoms. It can for example be so that we sleep less, get issues with our memory, or are unable to focus. There also are those which show a link to depression. For example, there are symptoms of stress which include crying fits and somber moods. Because the stress overwhelms you, it can be so that you cry or end up in a somber mood. But there are also symptoms which you might not immediately link to depression, yet which could lead to depression. An example is sleep. Sleep is namely there for a physical and psychological cleanse. If this cleanse does not occur, it can be so that you become physically tired, which triggers crying fits and somberness, and that you psychologically remain unhappy. Sleep is also there for being able to associate things with one another. That is why it can be so that you find fewer solutions because of a lack of sleep, causing you to worry more.

Does stress always lead to a depression?

Stress does not always lead to a depression. It is only in long-term cases where stress can lead to depression. Even then, depression is not a result which is set in stone. It can also lead to other psychological issues, such as burnout.

How can 15 Minutes 4 Me help me?

15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program, which is specialized in the treatment of stress, depression, burnout, and anxiety. On a daily basis, you receive videos and solution focused questions which can help you to reduce stress and to deal with it.

How do I measure my level of stress?

This you can do at the hand of our free stress test. This test takes about 5 minutes of your time. Afterwards, you end up at a page with your personal scores!