There are many different reasons as to why we have headaches. It can be caused by a migraine, or, for example, by sitting in a poor position at your desk. In short, it is often not easy to know where your headache comes from. Such headache is caused by tension in the body. This, too, can have different causes. In this article we will look at the different causes of tension headache.

Tension headache: stress

Stress can definitely make it so that our body tenses up. If we experience stress, this can often lead to our muscles tensing up. Then, we start worrying about this tension, which in turn leads to even more tension. Have you ever noticed that, when you are very stressed, your neck starts to tense up after a while? This is something what can cause a headache after a while.

Tension headache: depression

Depression, too, can in some cases lead to tension headaches. In depression you namely overthink certain experiences, which causes your brain to become exhausted. Oftentimes, you also start to worry when you are depressed. But the problem with worrying is that your thoughts cross your mind at such a speed, that your brain cannot look for a solution. This can after a while also cause stress or overexert your brain. This, too, can cause your neck to tense up so you can get a headache.

Tension headache: anxiety

Anxiety can after some time, or in case of major anxiety, lead to tension headache. If you are anxious, your entire body tenses up and your body also becomes exhausted. Like with the past two causes of headaches, this can also cause tension to remain in the body. Especially tension in the neck is dangerous. This type of tension namely leads to tension headache most quickly.

Tension headache: treatment

To reduce your tension headache, you can treat your stress, depression, or anxiety, so that your body does not tense up as much anymore. Here you can be helped by the online self-help program. It namely supports you in reducing stress, depression, and anxiety, so that a tension headache will also reduce.

Tension headache: take the stress test

You can at any time fill out our online stress test for free, in order to find out what your stress level is. The test takes about 5 minutes and you will receive your personal scores afterward!