Have you just gone through a stressful time? Are you tired? Do you often seem to forget small things? Then it might be so that you are fatigued. Being fatigued is not something that is easy to realize. It often creeps into your life, without you really noticing it. Being fatigued most often occurs after a difficult, stressful period of time in your life. This might be having moved, changing jobs,... But also big events can lie at the basis of being fatigued. For example, a divorce can lead to symptoms of being fatigued, which can turn into more severe mental problems if unhealthy habits are set.

Being fatigued? When does being fatigued become dangerous?

It often is so that with the passing of the stressful period, the symptoms of being fatigued disappear as well. However, if you are fatigued and the symptoms remain for a longer time, that it can drain you both mentally and physically. It can cause sleeping issues, which will also influence your mood,your memory, as well as your focus. If stressful times occur soon after each other, unhealthy habits can be caused by being fatigued. It could be that the symptoms of being fatigued lead to more severe mental issues such as depression or burnout. The being chronically fatigued thus can definitely have a large influence on your health and your daily functioning. If you have the feeling that this applies to you, it can be useful to contact a professional for help.

Being fatigued? How do I treat fatigue?

If you suffer from chronical fatigue, it is useful to look for professional help, since chances are very slim that the symptoms will disappear on their own. Chronic fatigue namely is caused by different elements which include an unhealthy coping style, which have led to creating unhealthy habits, such as working in a perfectionist way when you feel like you are losing control or an overview of your work. This might help in the short run but in the long term this will demand too much of you and can even be harmful. That is why we speak of unhealthy habits. 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which daily guides you in recognizing these unhealthy habits. It also helps you to replace these unhealthy habits with healthy ones and works together with you to fulfill the goals which you have set yourself. Reduce your psychological vulnerability, find out what makes you happy, and learn to improve yourself at the hand of the healthy habits of your choice!

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