Depression can show itself in many different ways. That is why there is no standard image of people who have depression. Some people have generally somber feelings, another is mainly tired,... Especially symptoms which are not typical characterizations for depression can differ a lot from case to case. For example, people with depression might suffer from poor self-esteem, and others might get black-outs. There is no 'standard-mold' when it comes to depression.

Depression test: How do I recognize it?

Depression is generally recognized by a long-term, somber mood and fatigue. This is rather a psychological fatigue than a physical fatigue. We namely exhausted our brain to such an extent that we no longer feel like making any effort. People with depression are namely generally in a constant state of worrying about themselves. Do they do it all well enough? Have they not said anything wrong?... Your brain is thereby overwhelmed and no longer has the chance to look for solutions. You are namely in a pattern of 'ruminating' that your brain skips the solution-focused part of its thoughts. This regurgitating will, after some time, lead to somber thoughts and insecurity about oneself.

Depression test: is depression the same for everyone?

People are creatures with their own values, norms, background,... What keeps depression going is therefore not the same for everyone. For example, the issues might be found mainly at work, or mainly in the partner relationship. Below, we will list the most common symptoms of depression, so that you can check for yourself what might be applicable for you and what might not be.

Depression test : test your symptoms

  • Overwhelming somber mood
  • Not being interested/not having fun
  • Losing or gaining a lot of weight
  • Frequent sleepy feeling
  • Feeling agitated or weak
  • Feelings of fatigue or lack of energy
  • Extreme feelings of worthlessness
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Reduced thinking and focusing abilities
  • Digestive complaints
  • Changes in weight
  • Vague complaints

While there are many different patterns of depression, these are the most common symptoms. Depending on an interaction between different mechanisms, you will suffer more or less from one of the above symptoms. Furthermore, if the symptom is present, it can also show itself in different ways. An example is found in weight changes. It might be so that you no longer want to eat in a depression, or that you instead start eating because you feel unhappy. It thus differs from person to person how this symptom is expressed.

Depression test: online treatment

15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which is specialized in the treatment of depression, burnout, stress, and anxiety. It is scientifically supported by the solution focused and the systematic therapeutic therapy. On a daily basis you work on yourself from home for fifteen minutes, at the hand of this online program. You get questions, videos, and possible modules which you can follow to bring you closer to your goal. The effectiveness of 15 Minutes 4 Me has been studied. According to a study published in the Artsenkrant, stress reduces by up to 77% after one month of 15 Minutes 4 Me, and the participants feel 40% happier on average after one month.

Depression test : test your symptoms online

Outside of the self-help program, 15 Minutes 4 Me also offers a free depression test, which can tell you to what extent depression is present in you. This depression test takes about 5 minutes and will tell you what your level of depression is.