Should I treat my stress? And how do I find a treatment stress?

As mentioned earlier there are different levels of stress, which can be divided up into healthy stress and excess stress. Healthy stress will help you perform better and gives you that extra push. Excess stress will exhaust you and work against you. If you experience a form of healthy stress, it is possible to look for treatment stress, but this is more of something extra than it is a useful step to take.

If you experience excess stress, then it is useful to look for a treatment stress. As you might have read in other parts, most stress requires an active treatment stress. So if you were not to treat your stress actively, it might be so that your stress symptoms worsen and you start experiencing new ones. Depression and burnout are common consequences of stress which lacks treatment stress.

Treatment stress through a healthcare provider?

A treatment stress consists of more small-step techniques than, for example, a treatment for depression does. From research by 15 Minutes 4 Me it has been shown that people who follow treatment stress with us, improve more quickly than people who follow a treatment for depression with us. This is because depression is a more stubborn problem than stress is.

A treatment stress can generally help you get rid of your stress quickly and effectively. A treatment stress with the help of a healthcare provider can, for example, consist of individual sessions with a psychologist or even group sessions, where people share their experiences with stress. When looking for treatment stress you can thus ask for help from healthcareproviders, who will help you move forward in the treating of your stress.

Treatment stress at the hand of medication?

It can be so that, when you are looking for a treatment stress, your doctor prescribes medication. This medication is generally used to treat symptoms of stress. An example of medication which can be prescribed in treatment stress is sleep medication. This way you can sleep more easily for a while, meaning your fatigue has the chance to decrease.

We must consider here that medication generally only is a temporary solution. You will indeed be able to sleep more easily if you have received sleep medication. However, after a while your body will become used to the medication, meaning you will have to take more and more in order to get the same results. Furthermore, it also often is so that, once you stop taking the medication, the symptoms of stress return. Medication therefore in many cases does not work effectively as treatment stress. It does temporarily reduce the symptoms, but it does not teach you to deal with the underlying reasons causing the stress.

Online self-help as treatment stress?

Except for following therapy with a healthcare provider, there also are other types of treatment stress. Because of increased technology levels and use, there now also are therapies which you can follow online. "" was developed this way by doctors and psychologists, based on systematic solution focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. "" offers daily treatment of stress which you can follow whenever and wherever you want. From efficiency research by "" it has also been shown that the stress levels of the average participant reduces by 70% after 3 weeks' time.


You need not only choose for treatment stress at "". You can also work on eventual depression symptoms and/or other thoughts or behaviors which you want to take care of. Family members have the option in becoming a part of your treatment stress. If you want this, you can include them in the treatment, and then they will receive information regarding what stress entails and how they can support you.

Test your stress level!

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