It is not always easy to recognize fatigue or fatigue symptoms. They namely start out small, but get worse as the fatigue increases. It is useful to think about the fatigue symptoms and therewith the consequences which your fatigue symptoms eventually cause you to experience.

A useful tool to map out your fatigue symptoms is the online free fatigue test

What are the fatigue symptoms?

Below you will find a list of the fatigue symptoms. As mentioned earlier, there are certain gradations of the fatigue symptoms. Keep that in mind.

  • You feel fatigued during an extended period of time.
  • You lose weight during several months. You cannot explain this weight loss.
  • Sudden changes in temperature.
  • Suddenly, several symptoms appear which could indicate the possible dysfunction of certain organs.
  • Increased stress level
  • Memory problems
  • Focus problems
  • Muscle ache

What can I do when experiencing fatigue symptoms?

If you recognize some fatigue symptoms and you think that they have already caused certain consequences, it is useful to look for help. Of course, not every type of fatigue requires you to run to your doctor right away, but it is useful to keep the fatigue symptoms which you experience in mind.

A first useful step is to make sure there are no physical causes for your fatigue symptoms. This way you already know what type of help to look for.

Once it has been decided that your fatigue symptoms are caused by psychological problems, there are different ways to go. For example, there are types of healthcare which can help you individually or as a part of a group. Thanks to the increased use of technology, it is also possible to treat your fatigue symptoms by following an online program. "" guides you for fifteen minutes daily and effectively helps to deal with your fatigue symptoms and their eventual consequences.