Dr. Paul Koeck will present a lecture on Tuesday, September 20, at the 8° Flemish Congress on Mental Health, organized by the Flemish Association for Psychiatry. The congress will take place on September20 and 21, 2016 in Antwerp, Wilrijk - Campus Drie Eiken. The theme is "Creative in spirit, innovative in care." For more information about the congress and the other speakers on Tuesday, Sept. 20, click here. Below is the information about Dr. Paul Koeck's lecture:

M07.3 How does the online self-help program "15Minutes4Me.com" treat stress, anxiety, depression or burnout? A study on 5,000 patients with 4-year follow-upPaul Koeck, chief physician self-help program '15Minutes4Me.com, Antwerp

More than 5,000 patients helped themselves autotherapeutically through the online self-help program '15Minutes4Me.com while being medically monitored by their own (family) physician. We discuss the results of a longitudinal descriptive study that examined the weekly evolution of 5.000 patients during the self-help program, supplemented by a follow-up analysis at 1 to 4 years after following the self-help program. The average participant (median) reaches normal scores after 21 days, which is associated with a halving of stress scores and an increase in life satisfaction of around 40%. We discuss the contributing factors as well as (contra)indications . We discussfuture research questions and how your treatment center can participate in a subsequent study with a control group in your target group because we want to find out how we can better adapt this program to the specific needs of your population. We also explain our analysis on 1,000,000 participants - who took the free self-test. The following questions will be answered:- What are the statistical results during this program? Forwhom does or does not this self-help work? When it does/does not?-How are family members, friends and support figures involved in this program?- How is the doctor or practitioner involved?-How and when to refer your patient?- How to follow up with your patient?- How does the free online self-test work for your patient?