Many of us have already experienced it. Your partner puts an end to your relationship. If you ask people how they deal with this, you will probably get a range of answers, some more applicable to your situation than others. Everyone has or is developing their way of dealing with a relationship breakup.

Although you may have already found a way, a relationship breakup is still a difficult time. Moreover, you may ask yourself whether you have now actually processed your relationship in a healthy way. To learn more about what can help you through a relationship breakup, here we list some concepts from the psychological and therapeutic world that can support you in finding your happiness again.

A relationship breakup? What next?

A relationship breakup is never easy to experience. Even should you have found a healthy way to make your way through this period, each time it seems like you have lost an important part of your life. So while dealing with a relationship breakup, you need to not only find yourself again, but also find a way to cope with this loss. Every relationship is unique and every relationship has its specific meaning. Now that that person is no longer there to represent this image for you, you may be experiencing a loss and need to find a way to get your "needs" from somewhere else.

In addition to the loss, there is the focus on yourself. After all, living in a couple or living as a single person is very different. Often after a while you get used to taking into account the other person in the relationship and therefore it can be difficult to fully focus on your needs and wants again after a relationship breakup. Often people have a hard time answering the question, "What do I really want?

How to deal with a relationship breakup?

So a relationship breakup is quite a process, dealing with both processing the relationship breakup and focusing on yourself. Sometimes you may feel lost or not really know what exactly makes you happy, what your goals are in life. My Quarter developed an online self-help program for this, which helps you identify healthy habits, habits that make you happy, and reduce unhealthy habits, habits that weigh on your mind and/or body and slow you down. The program guides you daily from home in shaping your new life, in finding what makes you happy. Enroll today and start your quest for a happier life today!

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A relationship breakup can sometimes weigh heavily on us. It can often trigger stress and even symptoms of depression. Would you like to know if these symptoms affect your daily life in a negative way? Then take the free self-test here!