We have all heard of it, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Most people know this disorder as common in children, specifically those who have trouble learning and sitting still. ADHD is indeed characterized by attention and hyperactivity problems, but it goes far beyond that. Because their bodies and brains often go into overdrive, children with ADHD often have a hard time finding a place, a sense of belonging somewhere. In addition, these children often have difficulty placing certain emotions.

Children with ADHD are often difficult to understand by other children, who find it strange that these children do not sit still or always seem to attract attention. This often leads to bullying behavior, which often makes the child with ADHD feel even more different than he/she already did. Moreover, dealing with a child with ADHD requires a modified style, which can sometimes cause difficulties.

Despite the fact that children with ADHD frequently feel excluded, they often have a hard time talking about these feelings. Also during puberty, these children go through several changes, some easier than others. Still, it is often noted that these children have difficulty saying how they feel and engaging in an in-depth conversation for extended periods of time.

ADHD? How to deal with emotions?

15Minutes4Me.com developed an online self-help program that can help children with ADHD in finding a healthy way to deal with emotions. By following the daily program, children learn more about the mechanisms behind negative emotions and the personal strengths from which they can draw energy to address these negative emotions. We like to note that the program is best followed by children as young as 12 years old or by children with a good vocabulary, with some parental help.

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