We are currently right in the block period, a period that is a source of stress and anxiety for many students. Often during block, students suffer from sleep deprivation, feel tremendous pressure,... This can have far-reaching effects on both our minds and bodies. For example, often during exams these students suffer from sweating, persistent sleep problems, as well as blackouts, for example. So it can be helpful to try to reduce stress and anxiety during the block and exam period as much as possible.

Anxiety about exams? What are the symptoms?

It is normal to experience some stress and pressure during the block and exam period. However, having anxiety about exams is another thing altogether, as this anxiety can block you during exams and even reduce your performance. Healthy anxiety will allow you to study just that little bit longer and harder, perhaps achieving better results. Unhealthy stress, which can culminate in anxiety, can be paralyzing and will often have a negative impact on your results.

For example, as a result of exam anxiety, you may sweat excessively, your muscles will tense up, which in turn can cause headaches and muscle aches. Your heart starts beating faster, you may possibly experience tingling in certain parts of your body, such as your fingers. Should anxiety about exams become more intense, you may also experience derealization, the feeling that you are detached from reality, and depersonalization, the feeling that you are like an outsider watching what is happening to you.

Anxiety about exams? How do you tackle them?

If you suffer from the above symptoms, it is helpful to look for a way to cope and reduce them. 15Minutes4Me.com is an online self-help program that guides you daily from home in addressing your anxiety about exams. The program was developed by doctors and psychologists and contains a host of techniques to guide you in reducing your anxiety and, in addition, to engage in relapse prevention to arm yourself for anxiety in the future.

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