We all know that burnout is caused by stress or pressure which is experienced at work. How can perfectionism influence this? There are different factors within perfectionism which can possibly cause burnout. Pay attention: these are not the same for everyone. There namely are different causes to burnout. Perfectionism can be one, but this is not necessarily so. In this article we will discuss the different aspects of perfectionism, which influence the development of a burnout.

What do I demand from myself?

Perfectionism is characterized by asking a lot from yourself. Everything needs to be perfect and you will not rest until it is. An assignment cannot be handed in unless you are 150% sure that every part of it is perfect. In many cases, however, it is not necessary to really work everything out perfectly. For example, think of a first brainstorming session about a new product. Not everything needs to be typed and ready, with all details cleared up. People with perfectionism, however, find it difficult to let go of anything which has not been perfectly executed. This perfectionism makes it so that a lot more time is spent on tasks each day than would be necessary. This will especially be so at work. Perfectionists spend too much time on making everything perfect, meaning they will find future projects start piling up. After a while, it will become too much for them, and they will find that they cannot do all the work that is expected of them anymore.

What view do I have on failing?

Failing is something which is difficult to process for perfectionists. Because everything needs to go perfectly, there is no other option for them than to succeed. If perfectionists then get negative comments or their project fails, it will be difficult for them to let go. They will often believe that the failing is their dispositional failing. This, too, is an important cause of burnout.


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Where can I test myself for burnout?

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