The #15minutes4me hashtag has garnered more than 1.4 million views as of Monday

TikTok users are flocking to an online stress test and have been sharing their results as part of a viral challenge.

The #15minutes4me hashtag has garnered more than 1.4 million views as of Monday and is filled with video clips where users reveal their reported stress, depression and anxiety levels. Each video is set to “Train Wreck” from British pop singer James Arthur’s second album “Back from the Edge.”

The song’s repeated line of “Pull me out” can be heard when the video transitions from user selfies to each person’s results.

TikTokkers are putting their videos together after they complete a free 26-question test on

The website describes its services as a “daily self-help program” that is aimed to help people manage stress, anxiety, fatigue, burn-out or depression.

When its free test is completed, three scales are displayed to show a person’s calculated stress, depression and anxiety scores out of 100%.

A significant number of users who have shared their videos under the #15minutes4me hashtag appear to have scores that are higher than 50%.

In recent years, multiple studies and surveys have suggested that younger generations are facing mental health challenges.

For example, a recent survey titled “Millennials, Gen Z and mental health” from accounting firm Deloitte suggests 44% of Millennials “feel anxious or stressed all or most of the time” compared to 48% of Gen Z.

Aside from receiving scores on three mental health categories, the results also offers bulleted tips on how to improve their lives, which could include getting more sleep, starting new habits and more.

Some TikTokkers expressed their appreciation for this feature or made it a point to say that their posts are meant to spread awareness.

"Always check up on people, you never know who needs it the most,” one user wrote. “You don't know what people are going through."