Most adults have been bullied in the past. Some of them still sometimes experience the consequences of this, while others have left it behind them. Bullying can leave a large scar on the people who have been bullied. In some cases, people years later still are looking for the reason behind the bullying. But is there such a thing at all? Is there a reason why you were bullied while other children were not? There are different explanations regarding why children and even adults bully each other. The reason however does not include immaturity, as there are almost as many adults bullying each other as there are children doing so..

Bullying to hide own problems?

One of the most important reasons is to hide own problems. It often happens that people, who use violence in bullying, themselves also are victims of violence. Children namely reproduce the behavior of role models such as parents. They believe that it is acceptable behavior, because their parents do the same. Also, people often look for a 'victim' on whom they can 'unleash' their unprocessed feelings. Children and sometimes adults often do not know how to deal with unacceptable behavior from adults or partners.

Bullying to set a power struggle?

The previous cause is also correct. Children and adults who, for example, are the victim of physical or psychological violence at home, feel very powerless. The fact that they can triumph over someone at school or work makes them feel good. However, this good feeling usually does not last long. We can summarize this by stating that bullies often do not have good knowledge regarding dealing with problems, feeling powerless, and often are the victim of bullying behavior at home.

How do I deal with bullying?

If you are being bullied or have been bullied yourself, this can often cause lasting damage. It is not easy to leave such a period behind. That is why bullying can lead to feelings of depression or stress. Here, 15 Minutes 4 Me can help you! The program daily guides you in reducing depression, anxiety, and stress, so that you can leave this period behind, too. Would you like to test to what extent you experience stress, depression, or anxiety? Then take the free self-test here!