Anxiety can rule your life. People with anxiety disorders then suffer a lot from the pressure of the anxiety which they experience. Read more here about how they experience this anxiety and how your can help to guide your partner with anxiety.

1. Your partner is more than just anxious.

Even though your partner suffers from an anxiety disorder, your partner is more than his or her anxiety. Anxiety probably affects your partner's entire life as well as yours, but there are also times when he/she is not anxious. There are still moments in which your partner is not consumed by anxiety. If you want to help your partner with anxiety, it is nice if you let them know that they are more than their anxiety disorder. By still being able to enjoy each other, your bond will be even stronger when a difficult period of time arrives.

2. They are often tired.

Anxiety exhausts you. If you have a partner with anxiety, it can be so that they are often tired and are less willing to do things. It can also be so that anxiety exists in combination with depression. Rest is thus important for someone with an anxiety disorder. The more rest they get, the more they are able to deal with it all.

3. In spite of the anxiety, they can still communicate with you.

People with anxiety often know that their anxiety is irrational and can communicate well regarding how they feel. Exchanging these thoughts and feelings are a useful part of a good relationship and understanding. So, make sure to try to listen to your partner with anxiety regarding how he or she feels. You can let him/her know how you feel and think, too.

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