Relaxation exercises can help you with many things. They can namely relax both your body and your mind. Relaxation exercises can help you when you have physical issues. It can namely be so that you suffer from muscular tension. Relaxation exercises can help you in that case to relax your body, meaning your muscles will become less tense. But mentally, too, relaxation exercises can help you more forward. For example, your job might cause you a lot of stress, which can make you feel mentally tense. Relaxation exercises can help you to reduce this stress and to treat it. This article explains more regarding the usage of relaxation exercises.

Relaxation exercises against stress

Stress can exhaust us both physically and mentally. It is namely so that, when you experience stress, you get a physical response to this. In the past, stress had the function of getting us ready to react to danger. Nowadays, stress has lost this function. We are namely hardly ever confronted with real danger anymore. We are rather worrying about whether or not we will finish our work, if our colleagues will like it, ... But even though we are no longer confronted with danger anymore, our body still makes the same hormones. These hormones will make it so that you start to feel fatigued after a while. But except for our body, our mind will also suffer a lot from stress. You are namely constantly at the ready, meaning you are thinking all the time. Your brain, too, will become exhausted after some time. Here, relaxation exercises can help you. It can namely help to empty your head properly and to make sure that your body relaxes. This way the hormones, which exhaust your body and mind, are no longer made, and you will be able to relax.

Relaxation exercises against depression

Except for stress, depression can also exhaust your mind. It is namely so that many people with depression are constantly worrying. You think about what you could have done better or what other people do better than you do,... Because you are constantly worrying, your mind cannot settle down. Your brain is under too much pressure. In some cases it can be so that these complaints also start to affect your body. You can, for example, start getting headaches, muscle aches, neck aches, stomach aches,.... In this case, too, relaxation exercises can help you. Because you have to focus so much on the exercise, your mind often does not have the energy to worry. That means that the worrying thoughts are paused and your brain gets some rest. If you do the relaxation exercises often, it can also be so that your physical complaints disappear. Because the cause, namely the worrying, is removed, most physical complaints will be reduced or removed.

Relaxation exercises against anxiety

Also in anxiety, relaxation exercises can help. When you are anxious about a certain situation, your body tenses up and both body and mind are in overdrive. You start hyperventilating, your heart beats faster, ... Stress can also worsen your anxiety reaction. So if you experience anxiety as well as stress, it can be so that you have more frequent or more severe anxiety attacks or hyperventilation attacks. How can relaxation exercises help with this? First of all it can help reduce stress, meaning attacks will be less severe or less frequent. Secondly, it can also be a distraction exercise for when you feel anxious. Because you have to focus on the exercise, there is not a lot of energy left that can go to being anxious. Relaxation exercises can thereby help the rest return to your body and mind, reducing the attacks.

Relaxation exercises on 15Minutes4Me

The online self-help program 15Minutes4Me also offers several relaxation exercises which you can use if you are anxious, depressed, or if you experience stress. The program was developed to support you in dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety. Except for relaxation exercises the program contains several techniques which help treat different aspects of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Relaxation exercises: do the anxiety test!

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