Burnout and stress seems to be increasingly common among school-age youth. Recently, several articles were posted in several magazines, stating that a particularly high proportion of youth are stressed due to homework or school-related assignments. In addition, the number of burnouts among young people also seems to be increasing. Many of these articles attributed the growing figure in burnout and stress to the high pressure, which our society puts on youth. Nowadays you have to be the best at what you do and "the sky is the limit.

Burnout? The symptoms!

However, there is also a flip side to the coin of chronic pressure. Performance pressure prevails, meaning that young people have to work longer and harder. For example, young children may spend long periods of time at their desks preparing for upcoming tests. University students also often feel overloaded with tasks and exams. Despite there being only two exam periods, these are often very exhausting and a lot is also asked of these students during the year.

This can cause you to become so overworked that both your body and brain signal that you can no longer perform. You become moody, sad and may experience a series of emotions when someone asks you to do something.

Burnout? The treatment!

What many people suffering from burnout do is try to keep performing. This often with a lesser intensity, yet they continue to ask too much of the body and mind.

In the absence of appropriate professional help, people may relapse and suffer from a chronic form of burnout. So it is useful to look for appropriate counseling that will help you address burnout symptoms, but also work on relapse prevention.

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