Thanks to the internet, a lot of information can be found in easy ways. Thanks to this revolution, many people have already found answers to questions regarding mental issues such as stress. However, we should note that not all information which is found in the internet is actually true. For example, there are different sites which let you take an online stress test, without offering any scientific basis for this online stress test.

Online stress test: how do you find correct information?

Despite this fact, there also are different sites which do offer trustworthy information. 15 Minutes 4 Me is one of those. Doctors and psychologists worked together and offer an online program, which guides you daily from home in the treatment of stress, depression, and anxiety issues. 15 Minutes 4 Me also makes use of an online stress test, which has been studied several times already. These studies found that the online stress test used delivered trustworthy and valid results. This means that, if you take the online stress test on 15 Minutes 4 Me, you will get results which are true to reality. Furthermore, the online stress test will not state a wrongful stress level, which is something that can occur in non-trustworthy tests.

Online stress test: how do I select trustworthy information?

It thus is useful to look for trustworthy information regarding an online stress test. If you do not do so, then chances are that you get wrongful information. For example, the online stress test which is not trustworthy, might show that your stress is not unhealthy, while it actually is in reality. Do you want to be sure that you get trustworthy information? Then take the free online stress test here! The test consists of around 20 questions. After you are done, you receive your personal results right away, which you can then eventually compare to previous results. These results are also anonymously processed. On the results page you also find a video by doctor Paul Koeck, who gives you more information regarding your results on the online stress test.