We live in a society where we need to use our brain a lot. But was it always like this? In the past we lived more in accordance to the rhythm of the sun, and we used more physical muscles. This is something which has changed a lot over the years. What influence does this have on burnout or stress? This article describes the consequences of technology on our brain.

Do we use our brains too much?

The generations before us lived more according to the rhythm of the sun. We worked during the day and in the evening we could rest and we slept. In our current society, we are available 24 out of 24 hours per day. Because of the increased technology, we use more machines, which take over the physical workload. This did not use to be like this. In the past, we would do physically hard work, where we would use different muscles in our body all the time. As we nowadays only need one part of our body, our brain, it can be so that this part becomes overstrained. We can namely not switch between muscles and are always reachable for anyone. The time which we used to have for resting in the past, is time in which we now also are available, and where we also need to use our brain. This can create an overload, which makes us feel exhausted. This is a symptom of burnout.

15 Minutes 4 Me: help for stress/burnout?

15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which can help you to minimize the overload. Thanks to daily videos and questions you gain new insights, which can teach you to deal in a different way with overload and preventive working. The program was developed by doctors and combines psychological and neurological insights. You can also invite a buddy if you want to, who can support you throughout the process. The scientific support from the program comes from the systematic therapy and the solution focused therapy. The program can reduce stress by up to 77% in one month's time.

Do I have a burnout?

You can fill out our free burnout test, which will tell you to what extent burnout or stress is present in you. After filling out the test, you integrally end up at a new page which will show you your score.