Congratulations! This first word might seem a bit out-of-place, but you do definitely deserve it! Why do we say congratulations? If you believe that you might have a burnout or if you even already have been diagnosed, it is not always easy to get yourself to look for treatment. One of the most well-known burnout symptoms namely is an exhausted feeling. Burnout symptoms thus do not make it easy to get yourself to find help or treatment. You feel exhausted, weak, overworked, and have the feeling that you cannot do anything more. These are the most well-known burnout symptoms. Burnout symptoms will make it so that you do longer feel like yourself and that you would like to sleep all day. For most people this is not a nice feeling, because especially people with burnout symptoms tend to be very driven. These burnout symptoms therefore ask of them that they do something which they are not used to.

Burnout symptoms? How can they influence me?

Like we just mentioned, most people with burnout symptoms are very driven people. THey do not like to sit still, want to do al their work properly, and tend to also have perfectionist characteristics. Why are these people more vulnerable to burnout symptoms? Because they often push themselves into overdrive. They always want the best from themselves and this requires intensive work. After a while you will notice that you become fatigued, that you start having issues with your focus,... In such a moment you will probably push yourself just a little further in order to get everything done anyway. You do not want to give in to the burnout symptoms or simply do not have the time to think about them.

Burnout symptoms? What can you do about them?

Oftentimes, burnout symptoms have gotten too far developed to simply go away. In some cases the symptoms might just disappear after a while, but burnout symptoms are generally not like that. To treat burnout symptoms, a change of habit is often needed. 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which helps you to deal with your burnout symptoms. It helps you to look at your burnout symptoms in a different way and to appreciate your own capacities, to thereby find a way to your personal recovery.

Burnout symptoms? Take the burnout test!

If you want to know to what extent your burnout symptoms have developed, you can take our burnout test here for free!