Burnout test? Diagnosing a burnout?

It is not always easy to diagnose a burnout, especially when you do not have any training on the matter. A burnout namely can show itself in many different ways and looks a lot like other illnesses, such as depression. A burnout can only be diagnosed by a doctor or psychiatrists, but at the hand of some tips you can check which symptoms of burnout apply to you.

Burnout test? The symptoms of burnout?

Burnout generally manifests in three different areas: the body, the mind, and the social behavior.

Burnout test? The physical symptoms of burnout?

Despite burnout being a psychological illness, it manifests through physical symptoms, too:

  • Tired feeling: you are constantly tired
  • Fatigued feeling: you have no energy anymore
  • Issues sleeping: you have difficulties falling asleep and sleeping through the night
  • Stressed feeling: you find it difficult to relax, even when there is nothing you need to do.

Burnout test? The psychological symptoms of burnout?

Burnout manifests itself mainly in sudden dysfunctions of the brain:

  • Attention issues: you find it difficult to pay attention to things
  • Memory problems: you forget a lot and find it difficult to remember facts
  • Slow cognition: tasks take more time and you need more time to think
  • Crying fits or a somber feeling: you feel depressed
  • Worrying: you constantly worry about what you have left to do and what you should do better or improve

Burnout test? The social symptoms of burnout?

You might not expect it, but burnout also has a large influence on your social life:

  • Calling off appointments: you have no energy and you prefer to do as little as possible with friends or family
  • Snapping: you often snap at others
  • Isolation: you isolate yourself from others in the hope that you can relax or because you feel somber

Burnout test? A treatment for burnout?

The symptoms of burnout can be turned around, if the right treatment is chosen and the symptoms are treated as early as possible. The longer you wait, the more time you will need. You can treat a burnout through following therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrists. Nowadays, there also is another alternative: online self-help. 15 Minutes 4 me developed an online program which reduces stress by 40% on average after one month (according to research published in the Artsenkrant, 2011).

Burnout test? Take the burnout test!

If you want to know which symptoms of burnout are applicable to you, then you can take the free burnout test here!