It is not easy to learn to deal with depression. If you are depressed yourself, your mind often goes into overdrive and no longer knows what to do. You are stuck with so many questions and feelings, with which you do not know what to do. You want to change something about the situation, but you do not know what it is that you can do. Often you do not feel motivated to deal with your depression, either. You have the feeling that you are not capable or that nothing you do is right. Also, because of your worrying you no longer know what way to best deal with your depression, either. It is also so that it is not easy to deal with depression if someone close to you has a depression. You do not really know what you can do to help them or what you can do to get that person on their way to help. In many cases, the situations mentioned above also occur together. Because a loved one has/has had depression and you now, too, experience a depression yourself, you do not really know how to go about dealing with depression. You do not really know what to do to help the other person without experiencing depression again yourself.

Dealing with depression? What can help?

Because you have the feeling that too much is coming toward you, or you no longer know what the best way would be to go about dealing with depression, you often lose your direction. A useful first step to take in dealing with depression can be to try to order your thoughts. It is often difficult to do this by yourself and you can then ask for help from someone else in order to help you with dealing with depression. This person, who helps you in dealing with depression, can be someone who is close to you, but it might also be a care provider. A useful tip which we want to give you here, is to try to get out of the worrying behavior when dealing with depression. In order to order your thoughts, it is useful to stop worrying, because worrying thoughts go through your mind at a speed which is too high for your brain to be able to find a solution. Because your thoughts are running through your head, the thoughts skip the solution centers in the brain.

Dealing with depression? What is the next step?

You can, for example, make use of the online self-help program by 15 Minutes 4 Me when dealing with depression. The program helps you to order your thoughts and to formulate future steps, so that you can discover what works for you personally. This means you can work on your depression in a personal way, and learn how to go about dealing with depression.

Dealing with depression? Take the depression test!

Are you looking for the next step in learning about dealing with depression? Then you can fill out the depression test here, so that you know which depression symptoms are applicable to you and which type of healthcare could help you out.