Do you sometimes have the feeling that you subconsciously did see a burnout coming, but that you never thought about these being the symptoms of a burnout? Okay, you noticed that you were often worrying and that you were preoccupied with stress which ruled your entire life, but was it really that bad? You probably, even now that you are stuck in a burnout, find it difficult to not do anything or to take it easy. However, this is very important when you have a burnout. It is part of your healing process. If you do not rest during a burnout, chances are that you will relapse again after you get back to work or maybe when you are still on sick leave. But what are the causes of burnout? Knowing the causes is often a first step toward getting better!

Causes of burnout? Coping style!

There are many different causes of burnout, such as perfectionism, heavily stressful periods, 'overload of work',... However, many of these causes can be linked to one: coping style. Coping style considers the way in which you deal with things. In this case, how you deal with stress, or work increasing. In a burnout it is important to know what you can change in the future rather than what others can change. It is namely best if you take matters into your own hands now and ensure that burnout does not get a chance with you anymore. Burnout develops because people do not respond well to a situation which causes them a lot of stress. After a while, this stress adds up and grows into a burnout. This is thus also the reason why some people may or may not develop a burnout in the same situation. Other people have another coping style, which might be healthier for them and thus causes them not to end up in a burnout.

Causes of burnout? Treatment of burnout

Coping style and other possible causes of burnout can be treated at the hand of the online self-help program of 15 Minutes 4 Me. This program helps you to discover what your burnout entails exactly and what you can do to avoid a burnout in the future and to treat your current burnout, so that you no longer feel tired and somber!

Causes of burnout? Take the burnout test!

Would you like to know to what extent the symptoms of burnout already are present in you, or do you want to know in what stage of burnout you are? Then take the free burnout test, which will let you know your scores as soon as you finish it!