Have you gotten a diagnosis of depression or are you looking to get a diagnosis depression? Then you can come here to already plan your next step: treatment depression. A treatment depression can be picked at the hand of different ideas, based on your diagnosis, and by looking at different practises. This article lists possible types of treatment of depression. At the end of the article you also have the option to take a depression test. This depression test will help you in picking a treatment depression.

Treatment depression? At the hand of antidepressants?

Some ask a psychiatrist to help them in treatment of depression. A psychiatrist is the only healthcare provider who is allowed to prescribe medication. This medication can help you to treat the depression and to slowly give your mind and body some rest. This type of treatment is optimal for major depressions or depressions with a genetic cause.

Treatment depression? At the hand of therapy?

You can also go to a psychologist to treat your depression. This type of treatment depression will not get you any medication, but rather looks at the cause of the depression and that which is linked to this depression. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy has the goal to challenge thoughts which are linked to the depression, in order to help reduce depression symptoms this way.

Treatment depression? Online self-help?

Online self-therapy has proven itself to be effective in the treatment of depression. Research has shown that the online self-help program by 15 Minutes 4 Me helps you to become 40% happier after just one month. This type of therapy can be followed whenever and wherever you want to. For some people this is the easiest step to take toward getting help, because you can follow this therapy from home and you need not talk to anyone you do not know. The program helps you get better at the hand of videos and questions, inspired by therapeutic techniques.

Treatment depression? Take the free depression test!

Would you like to know to what extent you experience symptoms of depression? Then take the free online depression test here and see to what extent you suffer from depression.