Have you felt like you are very exhausted lately and like you just cannot seem to relax? Do you think that you might have a burnout? Burnout is an illness which seems to be becoming more and more common. While it often is in the media, many people still do not know what it entails or there is just little understanding for people who suffer from a burnout. These are still easily labeled as weak, or it can even be so that people view you differently when you say that you have had a burnout. These prejudices regarding burnout are not correct. You do not get a burnout because you are weak. If you have a burnout this often means that you found it difficult to tune in your capacities and way of dealing with a situation. This does not mean that the person who has or has had a burnout is at fault. We only mean to say that there probably is not a lot to do about the fact that you got extra work, but that you can change the way in which you deal with this. You will notice that, if you start to deal with what you can change in a situation, chances of burnout will decrease. But how, exactly is a burnout treated? What happens in such a treatment?

Treatment of burnout?

The essence of a burnout treatment is that you should tune your capacities to match the situation. With this we do not mean that you should learn new capacities, but that you should learn to work in a better way with that which you already have, in order to avoid that you cannot deal with it in the future. Your capacity is the positive energy in your life which makes it so that you do not get ill and that you are happy and content. 15Minutes4Me.com developed an online self-help program which guides you in discovering these capacities, and it helps you to discover how you can use these in your battle against burnout, so that your burnout will disappear and chances are reduced that you get another burnout in the future.

Treatment of burnout? Burnout test!

Would you like to know to what extent symptoms of burnout are present in you or to what extent you are already on the way of developing a burnout? Take the free burnout test here!