Do you work in the healthcare sector? Are you constantly busy with taking care of people? Then chances are that you have a larger chance of developing a burnout. People who work in the healthcare sector namely have a larger chance of developing a burnout than people who work elsewhere. How could this be?

Burnout in the healthcare sector

The healthcare sector is a hard sector. You work day in day out with people who need help. You constantly help others because of this. People who work in the healthcare sector, get a lot for their efforts. They see people grow/get better or even might find friendships as product of their efforts. Still, it takes a lot to constantly take care of others. Most people put their heart and soul in helping others, but this means that they also care a lot about that which happens at work. Furthermore, the means necessary to take of people properly are not always available in the healthcare sector, meaning there are sectors which have too few employees or where extra efforts on the part of the employees is required. People are aware that burnout is a common problem, and that something should be done about this. One out of every twenty employees is namely at home with a burnout. These statistics are alarming. Furthermore, the statistics of burnout have shown to be even higher in the healthcare sector. Therefore it is very important to focus on burnout prevention and treatment. Minister Monica de Koninck recently started a sensibility campaign against burnout in the healthcare sector.

What can 15 Minutes 4 Me do for you?

15 Minutes 4 Me also works on the treatment of burnout. 15 Minutes 4 Me was developed by doctors and offers treatment against depression, burnout, anxiety, and stress. All this from at home! 15 Minutes 4 Me can namely be asked for help daily from behind your computer. It is an online self-help program which is based on a solution focused frame. You therefore get daily solution focused questions and videos which help you to gain new insights. 15 Minutes 4 Me reduces stress with up to 77% in one month, according to information from a study published in the Artsenkrant.

How can I test myself for burnout?

Would you like to test if you might suffer from a burnout? Then you are welcome to take our free burnout test. This test checks your level of burnout based on about twenty questions. After filling out this list of questions, you will get your scores right away!