Have you had an alcohol addiction in the past, or any other addiction, and do you notice that you might have a depression? Or are you looking for information for someone close to you? Then you are welcome here with your question regarding the link between depression and substance abuse. Addictions to alcohol or drugs can have a large influence on the brain. The influence on the brain depends on different things, like how many alcohol you drink per day or weak. The more alcohol you drink,, the larger the chances are that your brain is affected by the alcohol. It also often occurs that people with an addiction experience symptoms of depression. Read more here about the link between substance abuse and depression and also about how you can treat this.

Depression and alcohol? How are they linked?

If you consume a lot of alcohol during a long period of time or use other dangerous substances, it can be so that your brain is affected by this. This influence can be different for everyone, bu in general we notice symptoms in people who have an alcohol or other substance addiction. In many cases, the alcohol or the drugs will affect the part of the brain which is responsible for memorizing things, as well as for regulating behavior. For example, someone who drinks too much alcohol might not be able to hold back during a fight and hit someone, but then be unable to remember this the next day. You are no longer in control of your behavior. We also often see that depression is linked to the abuse of substances. This can be because they might start drinking to forget something, for example, but that the alcohol does not cause them to forget everything. Or that you notice what influence your addiction has on others and you see what you have lost because of it.

Depression and alcohol? Dealing with the problem!

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which helps you in treating your depression in addiction, but it can also help you in keeping your progress going. After treatment it is sometimes difficult to keep your good habits in place. This is something which the program can help you with, as well as with dealing with the results of your addiction, such as stress and depression.

Depression and alcohol? Take the depression test!

Would you like to know to what extent you suffered from a depression after your alcohol addiction or during your addiction? Then take the free online depression test here!