Thanks to the internet, a lot of information can be quickly found. Thanks to this evolutions, many people have already found answers to questions regarding psychological problems such as stress. However, what should be noted is that some information which can be found in the internet, cannot be trusted. For example, there are certain sites, which offer you a stress test online, without offering any scientific guarantee for this stress test online.

Stress test online: what is correct info?

In spite of this, there also are certain website which do offer scientific information. 15 Minutes 4 Me believes that it is important to offer scientifically correct information. Psychologists and doctors thus worked together to, together, build up an online self-help program which supports treatment of depression, stress, and anxiety every day online. Furthermore, you can also take a stress test online on 15 Minutes 4 Me, which was already validated by different studies. Previous research found that the stress test online by 15 Minutes 4 Me was both trustworthy and delivered valid results. This means that, if you take the stress test online on 15 Minutes 4 Me, you will receive realistic results. Furthermore, the stress test will not indicate a wrong stress level, which can occur in unreliable stress tests.

Stress test online: how do I select this correct info?

It thus is interesting to look for scientific information regarding a stress test online. If you do take a wrong stress test online, chances are that you receive wrongful information. For example, you might get a wrongful diagnosis. Would you like to be sure that you receive scientifically correct information? Then take the free online stress test here! The test consists about 20 questions. After filling it out, you receive your personal results right away, which you can then compare to previously taken tests b yourself. The results you receive are then anonymously processed. On the results page you also will find a video by Doctor Paul Koeck, which will give you more information about your results on the stress test online.