Do you feel you are suffering from burnout? Then it is useful to check your burnout symptoms and seek appropriate treatment. Many people with burnout take a break but do not change much in their coping style, which increases the risk of relapse. It is therefore useful to learn to protect yourself and recognize burnout symptoms in order to raise the alarm in time and take some rest for yourself.

Burnout? Causes of burnout?

Burnout can happen to anyone, in all walks of life and from any background. In fact, it is not that some people have a genetic predisposition to the disease, as can be the case with other diseases. Burnout has a lot to do with how you handle busy and stressful periods. If you suffer from burnout, this obviously does not mean that you have a poor coping style, but perhaps one that can be very exhausting for you personally. For example, people who are very perfectionist may fall prey to burnout because they often put a lot of work into a particular task. If you then increase the workload very much, this way of working may overload your brain and body.

Burnout? Treatments for burnout!

Burnout is thus very much linked to habits and your way of dealing with busy and stressful periods. Therefore, it is helpful to take time for yourself and evaluate what you can do to live a happier and more balanced life. developed an online self-help program that helps you do this.Daily it guides you from home to evaluate what works for you and how you can implement this to deal with stress and work pressure in a healthier way. This way you get to know yourself better, but also burnout symptoms to prevent relapse and to be able to raise the alarm in time.

Burnout? Take the test!

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