As has become clear from several articles, depression has different causes. It is a psychological problem, which causes us to end up in a negative, vicious cycle. We have spoken about how you feel several times now, but do you know anything about the influence of depression on your environment, and what it can be? How depression possibly might influence your work, family, hobbies? In this article we want to give an overview of the influence of depression on someone's environment. The exact influence can, of course, never be predicted, but we can show you an objective image of the consequences at the hand of the symptoms. We will try to give a short overview of the interaction between depression and environment.

Depression and environment: your job

In the first phase of a depression, the hippocampus in the brain will be attacked. The hippocampus regulates memory and focus processes. These processes are thus affected first of all. You will notice that you start to have problems with your memory. You remember things more poorly and for shorter periods of time. Furthermore, it will become difficult to focus. In some cases, following a conversation can be too difficult already. As a consequence of this, the focus on other tasks will also be affected. The interaction between depression and environment as in this case shown to be negative for both sides.

Depression and environment: your studies

Here, too, depression will have a large influence. As mentioned earlier, the hippocampus is affected first of all. This means that you will also get memory and focus problems here, too. Examples are found in a test or exams. These situations are stressful and ask a lot of you. You will notice that studying does no longer go as smoothly as it used to. You find it more difficult to focus and notice that you do not recall a lot. Furthermore, the social aspect will also change. People with a depression are more likely to shut their environment out. The isolate themselves and do not really want to talk to others. It can thus be so that you do not really want to get to know other people, and that you isolate yourself in classes. The interaction between depression and environment, in this case, have a poor influence on each other.

Depression and environment: your family and friends

People with depression isolate themselves, as mentioned above. They fear being rejected or getting negative comments. You will not interact as much with  your friends and family anymore like you used to. Your bond will no longer be as strong as it used to be, or your isolation can cause fights. Out-of-school activities, having a drink, going away,... You no longer want to do any of these things and will just stay at home. This can make it so that you feel lonely, which will only worsen the depression. We have already mentioned that the first phase of depression attacks the hippocampus. The second phase is the left prefrontal cortex being affected. This is what is responsible for positive thoughts and feelings. In this second stage, your positive thoughts and feelings will slowly reduce. You will no longer have a positive outlook on your life. This is something which your friends and family will also notice. After a while, fights might ensue because they find that you look at everything in such a negative way. In the final phase, the right prefrontal cortex is attacked. This is what is responsible for negative thoughts and feelings. When these also are gone, someone with a depression will feel apathetic. They no longer want to do anything and they no longer feel anything. You feel empty. The interaction between depression and environment here, too, have a negative influence on one another.

Depression and environment: your hobbies

In the end, depression will lead to you stopping enjoying your hobbies. You namely no longer want to do anything, and everything feels like it is too much. Especially physically intensive hobbies will be stopped, first of all. The interaction between depression and environment is poor, here, too.

Depression and environment: 15 Minutes 4 Me

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Am I depressed?

You can always take our depression test for free, which will measure the extent to which depression is present in you. You answer about twenty questions, after which you are sent to your results. The interpretation of these results is also presented on this page, so that you know how you are doing.