It is found more and more common  in the news, and is shown more often in advertisements. Medication for stress is becoming common. Especially medication for sleeping issues or exam stress has become a standard. Taking a quick pill to get rid of stress so that you can properly study or sleep again. But do these pills really work? Or do they work because we believe that they do? Discover here whether medication for stress actually works.

Medication for stress? The working

It can be so that some medicines help you to reduce stress or help you to sleep better. As mentioned before, there is a large chance that they work simply because  you believe that they do. This is called the placebo effect. But in general, taking medication for stress is useless. The medication might work in the beginning so that you can study more easily, but after a while you will notice that you must take more and more to get the same effect. It is actually better not to take medication if you do not really need it. With this, we mean that it is better not to take medication for stress if you are not physically ill. An alternative and better solution for stress is to deal with the stress, so that you know its cause and can work on it. This way, the chance that you suffer from it in the future is smaller, and you even have chosen a healthy way in which to treat your mental problems.

Online self-help for stress

'' developed an online self-help program which helps you to deal with stress, depression, and anxiety. It is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and helps you to discover personal tips which will help you in the treatment of your stress.

Medication for stress? Do the stress test!

To know to what extent you suffer from stress, you can take the free online stress test, which will let you know what level of stress you have.