When you have a burnout it is often difficult to know whom to tell what. It is namely not enjoyable to have to tell everyone. So what do you say? People around you namely will notice a difference, or that you are gone for a while. What do you say in that case? This article describes eventual considerations to make when you need to tell somebody about a burnout.

Burnout: when do I best decide?

When you have a burnout, everything feels like too much. You cannot think clearly and as a result you cannot make rational, important decisions. It is therefore important to focus on becoming yourself again, first of all. Otherwise you might make important decisions or say things which you later regret. That is why it is important not to make any important decisions when you have a burnout. We even recommend not making important decisions right after your burnout. It is best to wait for a period of 3 weeks to 1 month after you make a full recovery before you make a decision.

Burnout: is it advantageous/disadvantageous to tell?

It can be positive for the relationship between you and your boss if you tell the truth. They will namely notice that something is going on, and are likely to want to know what it is. On the other hand, it can be so that being branded with 'burnout' after telling your boss has negative consequences. An advantage, however, can be that your boss realizes what is going on. It might be so that you have to do too much work, something which is not suitable for one person to do on their own. If they realize which effects this has on you and eventually other people, this can act as a type of wake-up call. Still, there is some sort of taboo around burnout. But if you feel like you have an understanding boss and an open company culture, it might be easier to tell the news.

The choice of whether or not you tell them lies with you, but we recommend you to take the above tips into consideration when evaluating your own personal situation. Do you think your boss will understand you or are they the type of person who will not understand so easily? These are questions which you can ponder upon.

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