Depressed? Do you have a depression? If you have never had one, this is a difficult question to answer. Long-term stress can indeed make it so that you become depressed, or that you even have an actual clinical depression.

Depressed? What are the symptoms of depression?

A depression can show itself in many different shapes or forms, including one or following of the following symptoms of depression:

  • somber mood: you feel down or unhappy
  • apathetic feeling: you do not want anything
  • anxious feelings: you feel irritable or anxious without understanding why
  • not wanting to take initiative
  • concentration issues: you find it difficult to focus on work, or even on a normal conversation
  • memory problems: your short-term memory does no longer work so well
  • loss of energy: you no longer have any energy to do normal things
  • tiredness: you feel tired and exhausted without finding a logical cause for this
  • sleeplessness: you find it difficult to fall asleep or to sleep through the night
  • hopelessness: your life does not seem to have a point
  • low self-esteem: you have the feeling that you are not worth anything and that you cannot do anything
  • lessened performance at work: you feel like you can no longer take on your work
  • eating habits have changed: you no longer feel like eating
  • decreased libido: you do no longer want to have sex
  • decreased social contacts: you isolate yourself and no longer want to hang out with people

Depression test: Test if you are depressed

Take our online depression test here to see if you suffer from depression or are in the risk zone

Paul Koeck, MD