Depression occurs in all walks of life. Moreover, it affects young children as well as the elderly. Depression is one of the most discussed mental illnesses of our time. Nevertheless, many people have problems recognizing the disease. Most people know it refers to a persistent gloomy mood, but beyond that, it is often difficult to identify additional symptoms of depression.

The symptoms of depression?

As mentioned above, there are several symptoms of depression. Indeed, the main symptom consists of a persistent gloomy mood. In addition, however, there are several symptoms, which can lead to the identification of depression. Consider, for example, hopelessness, social isolation, physical problems.

Symptoms of depression, in fact, manifest themselves not only mentally, but can also disrupt physical rhythms. For example, you may experience sleeping problems, eating problems and pain. These symptoms of depression like other symptoms are characterized by a vicious cycle. That is, symptoms often go from bad to worse and they affect each other in a negative way. Therefore, it is often helpful to seek help when you are dealing with symptoms of depression.

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