Do you sometimes feel like you are anxious about things which should not normally cause anxiety? Do other people around you notice that you respond in a way too anxious way to certain situations? It can be so that you experience irrational anxiety. This means that you experience anxiety while there is no reason to experience anxiety. In this article we will explain several anxiety causes, meaning what it is that caused the anxiety to develop. Furthermore, we will help you in finding suitable treatment. Make sure to read on in order to learn more about your anxiety!

Anxiety? Causes of anxiety!

Okay, you are anxious, but what is the cause of this? Because you know that you are anxious now, but what caused this to develop? There are different possible causes, which can differ from person to person. First off, there is trauma. If you have ever experienced a trauma, a major event, it can be so that you have triggered the anxiety. A trauma is namely a major negative event which was emotionally very difficult for you. It can thus be so that you have not quite processed this and that you are anxious because of that. Another option is that you have learned the anxiety. An example could be found in spiders. If your parents always responded in an anxious way to spiders, it can be so that you took this from them and also became scared of spiders. With this we mean that, if your parents responded with anxiety to a certain situation, you are likely to have learned this. Children learn a lot from their parents while growing up, and sometimes this even includes anxiety. This of course does not mean that anxiety is always taught by the parents, but in some cases this can make up part of the base of anxiety causes.

Anxiety? I want to deal with my anxiety!

It requires a lot of courage and dedication to work on your anxiety. Just like chronic physical illnesses, anxiety is not something you choose to have and it is often difficult to take the first step toward getting better. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which guides you in dealing with your anxiety without having to talk to anyone or having to go anywhere.

Anxiety? Take the anxiety test!

Would you like to know to what extent your anxiety is irrational or if your anxiety affects your life in a negative way? Then take the free anxiety test here,  which tells you your personal scores as soon as you are done.