Do you suffer from depression or do you think that you might have depression? Depression can be caused by different things. First off, we want to state that depression can develop in anyone. Sometimes people with depression think that only people without a strong character or weak people can get a depression. This is not true. To get rid of this misconception, we will explain how a depression can develop. You will also find a depression test at the end of this article, which will tell you your level of depression and how you can treat your depression.

Causes of depression? The development of depression

Depression is often developed due to negative emotions or situations stacking up. This means that a lot goes wrong during a long period of time and that this influences you. Not everyone has the same experiences and not everyone values situations int he same way. This can be the reason that people who have experienced the same situations still respond differently to these situations. Depression can also develop by a major negative situation, which is difficult to deal with. Depression thus is caused by emotions which are difficult to process. Because everyone has different experiences in life, everyone has their own way of dealing with emotions. This is called their 'coping style'. People deal with a situation in a certain way because they value the situation in a certain way, as they value everything in certain ways. For example, a friendship ending and then losing one's job can be very traumatic for one person, while another person handles it very differently.

Causes of depression? Treatment of depression

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which guides you in treating your depression. It helps you to find out what it is that caused your depression and how you can use your power sources in the treatment of your depression. It supports you in finding your happiness in life once again.

¨Causes of depression? Take the depression test!

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