Do you sometimes feel depressed? Are you often somber and do you have fewer and fewer moments where you feel happy? It can be so that you are depressed. While depression is generally characterized by a somber feeling, there are many more symptoms which you can experience if you are depressed. This article has the goal to list the symptoms of depression, propose a treating method, and also to show you a test where you can see what your personal depression level is.

Depressed? The symptoms of depression

The main characteristic of depression is the somber feeling. You have the feeling like your emotions are numbed and that you can no longer feel anything, including happiness. After a while you will also notice that is increasingly difficult to feel happy. People with depression also worry a lot, on top of this. Often about what they have done wrong or what has gone wrong during their day. With such thoughts, you then often want to find a solution to improve things, but your thoughts spin so fast that you often do not get to a solution. After a while, you will often notice that your brain finds it very difficult to relax. You namely put constant pressure on your brain and are busy all day with thinking about situations and people. After a while you will notice that your memory gets worse and that you find it difficult to focus. You can no longer focus on things for extended periods of time, because your brain is exhausted. Your memory also is troubled in most cases. You find it increasingly difficult to remember things. This can in some cases cause you to experience even more stress, causing you to become even more depressed. If you are depressed, you are also often mentally fatigued. This can sometimes lead to a physical fatigue, because your worrying thoughts often make it so that you no longer sleep well. You find it difficult to fall asleep and sometimes also wake up a lot during the night. Another common symptom of depression, is that your libido reduces. Because you experience so few emotions, or want to experience so few, your need for sex also tends to reduce.

Depressed? Online self-help program for depression

The online self-help program by 15 Minutes 4 Me was developed to support you in the dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety. It guides you step by step to think differently, and it helps you discover what it is that makes you happy. After a while you will notice that you can sleep better and that the pressure on your brain reduces. To get the maximum effect of the program, it is best to follow it on a daily basis.

Depressed? Take the online depression test!

15 Minutes 4 Me offers a free online depression test, which can measure your level of depression. After filling out 21 short questions, you will end up on  a page which gives you your personal scores!